Monthly Archives: March 2010

Autumn is Well and Truly Here

Melbourne weather: Unpredictable. Changes quickly. Does not understand seasons.

The past weekend has finally made me admit the weather in my beloved home town is in fact crazy and often crap. It was hot during the week and the weekend brought on freak storms with hail stones as big as apples. Yet, it was still humid like the tropics. The past two days have been relatively cold (in comparison). I have never understood how it can be extremely hot one day at 35 degrees and cool down to 20 degrees the next day.

The cool days of Autumn are here and have got me thinking on comfortable winter shoes. I love high heeled boots but i know wearing them on icy or wet days will only end with me face first in the concrete. I do however, really want some cute ugg boots which I can wear casually around (and try and get away with them at work, i think if i am comfortable i will be more productive). I can’t decide which of the two choices below i like. I hope you can all help me. The are both from Emu Australia and I have chosen designs from this brand as I have some inside connections who can get them on the cheap!

Please let me know what your thoughts are…