I’m Alive. And I Am Organised.

WOW! It has been 3 very long weeks since my last post. Naughty me for being M-I-A. I have been caught up in moving into a new place, I could barely focus on anything else – including sleep. The grunt of the move is over and on the Easter long weekend i spent 4 blissful hours organising my shoes into clear boxes. I feel somewhat de-cluttered. It is true what Oprah says, de-cluttering DOES make you feel like you are taking back control of your messy life. Take a look at my neat, organised shoes….

This was after i managed (painfully may i add) to cull 15 pairs of shoes. I now only have 65 pairs of shoes and sandals plus 5 pairs of Havaianas (thongs/flipflops which ever you prefer). The Havaianas don’t really count as shoes as they don’t take up much room and i like to have different colours to mix and match my casual outfits over the summer. However, 65 shoes were tough to squeeze into a small space and off i trotted to Ikea to get myself a Billy Bookcase with a funky door as extra storage for shoes I wear often. What do you think? Cute?

After my 4 hours of re-discovering shoes I love and shoes I needed to let go, I really felt I was missing a pair of grey heeled boots. I think ankle or calf length in a cowboy or studded style will be a fantastic addition to my collection. I searched for hours over the past few days but I just can’t find the right ones. Please help me! Any links, shop suggestions or photos are more than welcome. Help me hunt down the perfect pair of grey boots.


5 responses to “I’m Alive. And I Am Organised.

  1. That’s pretty neat! I only kept a few of the boxes for my sneakers since they took up too much space…. Now I just have shoes here, there and everywhere instead 🙂

  2. 65 pairs of shoes and you STILL need more – unbelievable. I counted mine yesterday – all mine, including thongs and I have less than 40. BTW what size are you?

  3. Loce the billi cupboard, looks great.
    I’m excited for the time when you need the shoes at the bottom of the pile, they might all coming crashing down.

    Grey booties are a great idea. I need some too

  4. I salute your shoe organizing skills!
    Here’s a link to a pair of cute little grey boots… http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/boots/ankle-boots/77910950-topez/12 Plus they have stores in Melbourne!

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