Another Year, Another Pair of Shoes

I celebrated yet another birthday last week and I just couldn’t help myself but to buy a birthday present from me to me. I couldn’t hold back when I saw the new Fafi for Adidas range. There were quite a few pairs to pick from but I thought the Torsion style were the simply the cutest. They are somewhat out there and unlike my previous Fafi shoes, they sure will stand out.

I absolutely adore the detail of the print, especially on the toe area.

This range also came with an ultra cute canvas bag which I am sure I will make useful. I can’t seem to find any links as to where you can buy a pair of this Fafi range, BUT I can tell you they are available in the Adidas stores in Melbourne. I also received $30 off as they have a special promotion at the moment (which I personally feel it’s because they KNEW it was my birthday).

I’ve decided this will be the beginning of an ongoing birthday tradition; I will continue to celebrate a new year with a new pair of shoes. I love these and I know these won’t be a wear and chuck and well worth using up my birthday purchase on.


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