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Mega heels? Or mega wrong?

Alexander McQueen did them, Lady Gaga rocks them, Victoria Beckham made a statement of them, but are the latest trend of extreme heels translating well into real life wear?

By real life wear I mean non celebrities, non top models. The past weekend gave me some insights. Although 7 inch heels look mega hot in magazines and on celebrities, they don’t look so hot on girls sporting them on a Saturday night in short mini skirts. Not only do they look like they should be in pretty woman, they can barely walk 5 metres in them. I’m sure these girls think they look mega hot but for those who watch them thumping around trying to lift one foot in front of the other it’s mega not hot . If you can’t walk in them, chances are your nit suppose to be wearing them. Instead of looking uber fashionable it just makes them look stupid.

Personally I’d like to not suffer with blistered toes and back pain. Mega high heels – are they your friend or your foe?