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Making up for lost time

I’ve been MIA for a very long time. 3 months.

You see, I’ve been depressed. In a desperate attempt to transform into an adult and “save money” my shoe collection has had to suffer big time. It suffered alright. For a whole 3 months and when I got my chance to shop for 2 full 12 hour days in Hong Kong I lost all self-control and gained 5 pairs of shoes.

It all started with a practical objective. New running shoes. I managed to get some Nike ID’s (not pretty enough to be photographed, running shoes are just so gross). They were only AU$50 – total bargain! But the small taste i got for buying a new pair of shoes was overwhelming and the addiction came back…

Next purchase, black suede fringed ankle boots. Too cute for words. I had to have them.


Sex and the City 2: The Shoe Re-Cap

Despite the reviews, I enjoyed the Sex and the City 2 movie. I’m not sure what people where expecting but surely nothing epic nor that the “girls” would stay single, desperate and in New York forever. Yes, it wasn’t Oscar winning screen writing, but who can take away that SATC sets fashion trends. And not to mention the copies of every dress, bag and shoe will become available online and in stores soon.

The opening scene just set the tone of how fabulous the fashion was going to be. Carrie walking out in the classic gold glittery Christian Louboutins.

I love this entire outfit. It’s simple, elegant and I personally don’t think it’s a look that goes out of fashion.

The second pair of shoes that are stunning (and the Galliano for Dior newspaper dress) are these black floral, laced detailed peep toe ankle boots.

This outfit was featured in the TV series but the outfit is compelling and i just wish i could wear an outfit just like it every saturday night. But, i doubt i will ever be able to pull this off, yet alone make it 10 metres down the street in these killer heels without ending up face first in the road with a grazed face.

I also really loved the black and gold shoes Samantha wears when she is shopping for her red carpet dress with Carrie. But, i can seem to find a picture or any information anywhere. If you find who they are by please tell me!

And can we not forget Miranda’s dress at the wedding? Can we talk about how that is THE dress? I have to say, this dress…. it stole the show. No shoe, or Samantha’s Birkin bag could top this.

Which is your favourite outfit from the movie?

A small detour from the objective

Remember my search for ankle/calf grey boots? Well, I still haven’t found them…

In my hunt for the perfect grey boots to add to my collection I had a small detour and WHOOPS i purchased a pair of black peep toe ankle bots. They are gorgeous, high and super sexy. They did come in a grey but Asos had sold out of my size and the next best thing to soothe my urge for shoes was to grab them in black.

These are going to be extremely versatile boots as i can wear them casually with denim (like above) or dress them up on a night out. I really like how there is a platform on the ball of the foot as this makes really high heels so much easier to walk in and will definitely give me less of a chance on tripping over and falling face first. I love high heels but I need to learn how to walk in them more delicately. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times i have ended up face first in the concrete from heels from simply walking on flat ground. I feel like the only woman in the world who cannot manage to walk in heels with confidence. Tell me, is it just me? Or do you have a funny high heel story to share?

Late Night Temptations

This past week I have been ultra busy, yet i have been finding the time to jump online and take a peek at all the latest arrivals on my favourite sites. I could not believe my eyes when i received an email from Urban Outfitters on Monday advertising 20% off shoes. I had to control myself and not give in to temptation of all the gorgeous pieces of artwork. If any of you made use of the GREAT savings please feel free to post me your purchases and make me jealous. The other fantastic news in the Urban Outfitters email is that they will be starting a Shoe Club! This is extremely exciting and i cannot wait to see what the club will entail.

I am impressed that i had not been irrational and made a quick purchase, especially when the last order i made from Urban Outfitters included 2 pairs of shoes. I have worn my sparkle ballet flats i previously wrote about regularly but not the boots by Slow and Steady Wins the Race below. I bought them with the intentions of wearing the with mini skirts and opaque stockings but we are still experiencing warm weather in Melbourne. I really hope it gets a bit cooler soon so i can break-in these wedged heel gothic looking boots. I think i will try to make these boots look cute rather than gothic.

How do you think i should wear them?