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Another Year, Another Pair of Shoes

I celebrated yet another birthday last week and I just couldn’t help myself but to buy a birthday present from me to me. I couldn’t hold back when I saw the new Fafi for Adidas range. There were quite a few pairs to pick from but I thought the Torsion style were the simply the cutest. They are somewhat out there and unlike my previous Fafi shoes, they sure will stand out.

I absolutely adore the detail of the print, especially on the toe area.

This range also came with an ultra cute canvas bag which I am sure I will make useful. I can’t seem to find any links as to where you can buy a pair of this Fafi range, BUT I can tell you they are available in the Adidas stores in Melbourne. I also received $30 off as they have a special promotion at the moment (which I personally feel it’s because they KNEW it was my birthday).

I’ve decided this will be the beginning of an ongoing birthday tradition; I will continue to celebrate a new year with a new pair of shoes. I love these and I know these won’t be a wear and chuck and well worth using up my birthday purchase on.


Fafi for Adidas

Fafi is a well-known graffiti artist from France and is one of my favourite street artist of all time. I absolutely love her style and was completely beside myself when i found a pair of her Adidas shoes in Melbourne. I have been trying to get my hands on some of her clothing and shoe range she has previously designed for Adidas but have never been successful until now. There are four different shoes available, but i thought these would get some great wear being black and white and very subtle with the design. The best part of getting these shoes was that they were 40% off at the Adidas store and set me back $108. To my amazement not many people know who she is and therefore, there were plenty of sizes left for the post Christmas sales.

You can check more of her Adidas range here. To find out more about Fafi and her work, you can check out her blog here.