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Mega heels? Or mega wrong?

Alexander McQueen did them, Lady Gaga rocks them, Victoria Beckham made a statement of them, but are the latest trend of extreme heels translating well into real life wear?

By real life wear I mean non celebrities, non top models. The past weekend gave me some insights. Although 7 inch heels look mega hot in magazines and on celebrities, they don’t look so hot on girls sporting them on a Saturday night in short mini skirts. Not only do they look like they should be in pretty woman, they can barely walk 5 metres in them. I’m sure these girls think they look mega hot but for those who watch them thumping around trying to lift one foot in front of the other it’s mega not hot . If you can’t walk in them, chances are your nit suppose to be wearing them. Instead of looking uber fashionable it just makes them look stupid.

Personally I’d like to not suffer with blistered toes and back pain. Mega high heels – are they your friend or your foe?


Shoe Moments with Carrie Bradshaw

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for fashionistas and single ladies looking for their Mr Big. Sex and the City 2 is in movie theaters from tomorrow (in Australia). Women have laughed, cried and shared a moment with “the girls” during the series and the first movie, and for me some of the BEST moments have been around Carrie and her shoes. Who could forget the episoide  ” A Woman’s Right to Shoes” where Carries Manolo Blahnik’s are stolen? I guess when people have children their priorities on spending money change – for me, I hope I never have to down grade the shoe collection. I actually hope as i get a bit older, have a better career and earn more money, my shoe collection just gets more expensive and indulgent!

The stolen shoes are called Sedaraby by Manolo Blahnik. I have seen many copies of this shoe but nothing can compare to the real deal. I can’t wait to own a pair of Manolo Blahniks but I am yet to find anything that i 100% love and know that I will wear (so i can justify the price to myself). But, if any of you out there have the real deal, i’d love you to show me.

Which were your favourite shoes from Sex and the City?

A small detour from the objective

Remember my search for ankle/calf grey boots? Well, I still haven’t found them…

In my hunt for the perfect grey boots to add to my collection I had a small detour and WHOOPS i purchased a pair of black peep toe ankle bots. They are gorgeous, high and super sexy. They did come in a grey but Asos had sold out of my size and the next best thing to soothe my urge for shoes was to grab them in black.

These are going to be extremely versatile boots as i can wear them casually with denim (like above) or dress them up on a night out. I really like how there is a platform on the ball of the foot as this makes really high heels so much easier to walk in and will definitely give me less of a chance on tripping over and falling face first. I love high heels but I need to learn how to walk in them more delicately. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times i have ended up face first in the concrete from heels from simply walking on flat ground. I feel like the only woman in the world who cannot manage to walk in heels with confidence. Tell me, is it just me? Or do you have a funny high heel story to share?

Shoes for Love

I hope everyone had a beautiful Valentines Day. My gorgeous boyfriend gave me these lovely roses yesterday and a really cute card to celebrate. Flowers always make me feel special and I’m sure every girl in the world loves receiving them. I really wished I had the red shoes on above to match the roses. These are some old favourites which i seldom wear, but always look stunning with black stockings and a black dress. They aren’t too sparkly but they really do catch the eye when I make them THE feature of my outfit. I got them from a Melbourne store called Kinki Gerlinki. I occasionally find some really quirky pieces in there that i feel can work for my look. It isn’t a store most people would think i shop at as my look isn’t a vintage which the store very much is. Although I am a true believer that you should never completely ride off any store – you might surprise yourself with what you might find.

It was also Chinese New Year this weekend and red is a highly auspicious colour in Chinese culture. These shoes had double meaning for me over the past weekend – Love and the New Year. I’d like to wish everyone “Gong Xi Fa Cai”, a Happy Chinese New Year.

Betsey Johnson Sparkles Like a Cupcake

No, they aren’t a new purchase of mine, however they are the BEST shoe purchase I have made to date. These are a gorgeous pair of Betsey Johnson heels called “Layla”. I had been on a three week holiday to America and all i wanted to bring home was a pair of designer shoes which were different and outrageous. The minute i saw these i knew they were the perfect shoe to bring home and remember my trip. They remind me of little cupcakes as they are fluffy, sparkly and bright pink. Not to mention, they brought back memories or playing with Barbie dolls as a child – i always wanted her wardrobe, and i think these shoes are very fitting for Barbie.

I absolutely adore these shoes, but i have only ever had the courage to wear them once. The heel is about 2 inches high and as thin as chopsticks. They aren’t easy to walk in and the one time i did wear them, proved these shoes were not meant to be walked in, just admired in the box and the occasional dress-up around the house. I’m sure many of you can relate to falling in love with a pair of shoes which you can’t manage to walk in.