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Found and Treated

I’ve finally found them. The grey ankle boots have been purchased and I am delighted. I have been working a lot f overtime over the past couple of weeks, hence my lack of posts, but on a sunny Saturday afternoon I went for a stroll down one of my favourite shopping streets in Melbourne, Chapel Street, and found THE pair of grey boots and thought how I really needed to treat myself for working so hard.

I think these will be extremely versatile for both work and play. The will match an all black work outfit or a Saturday night dance floor ensemble. I love the detailing on the boots of the studs and buckles and will surely ‘pop’ any outfit and be the feature.

The best part of the purchase (treat to me) is they where 30% off so instead of paying $269 I paid $190. Bargain! I don’t know much about the brand of the shoe, Nude, but you can view their entire winter collection online here.

I felt so special after my purchase. There is nothing better than treating yourself to something so beautiful. What have you treated yourself too lately?


Autumn is Well and Truly Here

Melbourne weather: Unpredictable. Changes quickly. Does not understand seasons.

The past weekend has finally made me admit the weather in my beloved home town is in fact crazy and often crap. It was hot during the week and the weekend brought on freak storms with hail stones as big as apples. Yet, it was still humid like the tropics. The past two days have been relatively cold (in comparison). I have never understood how it can be extremely hot one day at 35 degrees and cool down to 20 degrees the next day.

The cool days of Autumn are here and have got me thinking on comfortable winter shoes. I love high heeled boots but i know wearing them on icy or wet days will only end with me face first in the concrete. I do however, really want some cute ugg boots which I can wear casually around (and try and get away with them at work, i think if i am comfortable i will be more productive). I can’t decide which of the two choices below i like. I hope you can all help me. The are both from Emu Australia and I have chosen designs from this brand as I have some inside connections who can get them on the cheap!

Please let me know what your thoughts are…

Late Night Temptations

This past week I have been ultra busy, yet i have been finding the time to jump online and take a peek at all the latest arrivals on my favourite sites. I could not believe my eyes when i received an email from Urban Outfitters on Monday advertising 20% off shoes. I had to control myself and not give in to temptation of all the gorgeous pieces of artwork. If any of you made use of the GREAT savings please feel free to post me your purchases and make me jealous. The other fantastic news in the Urban Outfitters email is that they will be starting a Shoe Club! This is extremely exciting and i cannot wait to see what the club will entail.

I am impressed that i had not been irrational and made a quick purchase, especially when the last order i made from Urban Outfitters included 2 pairs of shoes. I have worn my sparkle ballet flats i previously wrote about regularly but not the boots by Slow and Steady Wins the Race below. I bought them with the intentions of wearing the with mini skirts and opaque stockings but we are still experiencing warm weather in Melbourne. I really hope it gets a bit cooler soon so i can break-in these wedged heel gothic looking boots. I think i will try to make these boots look cute rather than gothic.

How do you think i should wear them?

Flooding Streets in Melbourne Australia Calls for Appropriate Footwear

I have been looking at getting these gumboots (or what some countries call wellies) for some time however, I have never been able to justify spending over $100 for boots that will protect me feet when it rains. Global warming has meant it never rains in Melbourne, Australia and there is no point in investing in a pair of gumboots which will only sit in my garage and collect dust like so many other pairs of shoes. I also felt a bit ridiculous considering them as we are going through a drought and thought people may think i have lost my mind – since we have tight water restrictions on our everyday usage.

But, today it rained. It was a big rain. A storm in fact with a lightning show and surround sound thunder. The streets in the CBD are flooded and everything from public transport to traffic lights were in chaos. It has had its upside of now allowing me to not feel stupid for wanting wet weather shoes. I can’t quite afford these after my huge splurge, spending $400 on the weekend on fins so i will have to wait a couple more weeks. I can only hope that it continues to rain. But i won’t be wishing this if i have to continue to walk around with soggy socks because i am waiting to receive my leopard print gumboots.

If you want a pair of these, you can purchase them here.