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Cheap Thrills

A couple of months ago I contemplated a pair of leopard print gumboots which were going to put a dent in my pocket. I was unsure if I could spend over $100 on boots which weren’t exactly going to be worn often. But, it has certainly been raining more than usual lately so I was feeling like I needed them.

I took a late night trip with a friend to Kmart, in the hunt for cheap thrills. We like to buy clothes and accessories from Kmart in secret. It is a true secret gem. And on this late night trip i got that cheap thrill I was seeking with these super cute polka dot gumboots. I love them and when I sported them into work, I felt incredibly good about my bargain find as my colleagues gave me compliments on them. They only set me back $15! Who knew, a $15 pair of gumboots would bring me so much joy. I can’t wait for another rainy day to be forecasted to wear them again.

I love them. What cheap thrills have you gotten lately which have made you SO happy?


Flooding Streets in Melbourne Australia Calls for Appropriate Footwear

I have been looking at getting these gumboots (or what some countries call wellies) for some time however, I have never been able to justify spending over $100 for boots that will protect me feet when it rains. Global warming has meant it never rains in Melbourne, Australia and there is no point in investing in a pair of gumboots which will only sit in my garage and collect dust like so many other pairs of shoes. I also felt a bit ridiculous considering them as we are going through a drought and thought people may think i have lost my mind – since we have tight water restrictions on our everyday usage.

But, today it rained. It was a big rain. A storm in fact with a lightning show and surround sound thunder. The streets in the CBD are flooded and everything from public transport to traffic lights were in chaos. It has had its upside of now allowing me to not feel stupid for wanting wet weather shoes. I can’t quite afford these after my huge splurge, spending $400 on the weekend on fins so i will have to wait a couple more weeks. I can only hope that it continues to rain. But i won’t be wishing this if i have to continue to walk around with soggy socks because i am waiting to receive my leopard print gumboots.

If you want a pair of these, you can purchase them here.